Welcome to our new Blog series “Stress-free Planning”. Our second Blog post in our new series explores probably the biggest decision you’re going to make on your wedding planning journey. Where would you like to have your wedding?

You’ve probably looked on the internet and through wedding magazines such as “Scottish Wedding” and “Tie the Knot”. There are of course lots of magazines to choose from. No doubt you’re already being bombarded by images and suggestions. It can very quickly become overwhelming. Panic not! Planning your wedding should be enjoyable! If you don’t feel instantly comfortable chatting with a venue or wedding supplier, simply walk away. Go with your gut instinct!

feature article in Scottish Wedding magazine

We’re thrilled with our feature article

Anyway I digress a little. Do you dream of a fairy-tale Castle or a formal wedding with a five course wedding breakfast at a five-star hotel? Of course those dreams come with a very hefty price tag. You could be looking at spending over £30,000. It could mean starting your married life together with considerable debt and pressure. There are of course cheaper alternatives.

I’m guessing if you are reading my blog that you still have an open mind or are indeed looking for something different.

Traditional venues such as castles or major hotels are and have to be very regimented and stick to strict timings. It is the only way they can provide their excellent service and ensure all guests are served at the same time with no delays to proceedings. It can mean that you feel out of control and frustrated. There is little scope to personalise your wedding. Once you are inside the venue a room is just that. A room! Each wedding will look and feel similar. If that is your dream, go for it. It will be the right choice for you. Remember I said go with your gut instinct! The bonus is you only have to agree the menu and let it happen from there.

Authentically rustic and stylish wedding barn

Beautiful and stylish. So elegant. Love it!

For those who are looking for an alternative where you and your guests feel super relaxed to enjoy the occasion maybe a DIY venue would be more suitable. A DIY venue can mean a little more work but the rewards are well worth it! I hope I have by now tweaked your interest in DIY venues and hopefully our venue in particular.

Birkenhill Farm is not only a relaxed DIY wedding venue it also offers a fun, relaxed and totally unique venue to have your wedding ceremony. What could be more romantic than making your promises to each other in our Woodland Cathedral surrounded by family, friends and of course the birds serenading you. The sound of the Piper as the bride walks down the aisle is incredible. You and your guests are free to socialise and mingle with a drinks reception in our woodlands and raise a dram around the campfire.

beautifully decorated solid log arch in our Woodland Cathedral festooned with flowers

Enchanting solid log arch in our Wedding Cathedral

Keep the relaxed atmosphere with a hog roast, bbq or pizza. The choice is yours. We have contact details for wedding suppliers such as caterers. Just send me a message to request a copy.

Perhaps you have a young family and you want the day to be special for them too! It can be hard to entertain children at a formal wedding venue and can be very stressful. No need to worry at a DIY venue such as ours. We had a wonderful family wedding here last year with 20 children attending. It was brilliant to see even the youngest guests happy and entertained. They had a bouncy castle and lots of games and toys. I have lots of ideas for a family friendly day and will go into more detail in a future blog post. Stay tuned!

children playing on a colourful bouncy castle

Jumping for joy!

We’ve touched on a few things to consider when choosing your venue. Perhaps you dream of making your vows/promises in our breath-taking Woodland Cathedral and love the idea of a fun relaxed day but feel pressure from family to have a formal wedding breakfast. There is a solution! Why not have your ceremony in our Woodland Cathedral with a drinks reception in our woodlands then move on to a formal wedding breakfast at a local hotel such as the Banff Springs or the Cullen Bay Hotel? Just a couple that spring to mind. That could be a compromise. We had a lovely couple last year who did just that. They stayed in our honeymoon bell tent and their family and friends returned here the next day for an informal party with Moray Hog Roast  providing the catering. A win win situation. Everyone was happy!

hog roast being served in our woodland clearing at an informal party

Amazing hog roast provided by Moray Hog Roast

Anyway I think I have given you enough to mull over for now. If you have any comments or questions, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you. Future blogs will chat about topics specific to our venue. With lots of hints and tips. Follow our blog, our Facebook and Instagram pages to see what we’re up to. We will be adding regular content on Youtube too!

Bye for now folks!

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