I love my job! Through networking I get to meet fantastic people who are so passionate about their business and the service they provide.

 I’d like to introduce you to Susie from the Mini Coffee Car. We know from experience that come mid-afternoon wedding guests long for a cup of tea or coffee. Susie has the perfect solution for you.

Team Bumble

Over to you Susie:

Welcome to Mini Coffee Car based in Moray Scotland. Our car is available for weddings, galas, private functions and markets.

Mini Coffee Car is a family run business serving barista coffee & other hot drinks including specialty tea & deluxe hot chocolate.


We’re also known as “Team Bumble”. Centre stage of “Team Bumble” is Bumble, our Mini Cooper who has been converted to serve our range of delicious hot drinks.



We serve the best coffee, tea and hot chocolate all year round even chilly Xmas Eve at Baxter’s of Speyside.

Our coffee is supplied by Melco Coffee in plastic free cups and our lids are biodegradeable.



Our extensive range of coffee and hot drinks includes:

Flat White
Hot Chocolate
Deluxe Hot Chocolate (marshmallow, whipped cream & chocolate sprinkles)

All flavoured with our vast selection of delicious syrups including sugar free.

Our range includes decaffeinated tea, ground Coffee, dairy free & vegan options.

Give us a call 01542 834246 or 07398 206194 or message info@minicoffeecar.co.uk for a quote for your wedding or private function.



Thanks Susie for introducing Mini Coffee Car to us. Your Mini looks amazing! 

Until the next time …………..