Welcome back to my Stress-free Planning Blog. If you missed my previous blogs please take a few minutes to give them a read. Hopefully you will find them both interesting and helpful. Today we have a guest blog for you by the Celebrant Angel.

So what makes a wedding a wedding? Answer: the ceremony of course, I hear you cry. And you’re absolutely right. Here in Scotland we are very lucky to be able to get married outdoors, pretty much where ever we like. Here at Birkenhill Farm we have a totally unique Woodland Cathedral for your wedding ceremony.  So what kind of ceremony would you like?

bride and groom in our woodland cathedral

Bride and groom in our stunning woodland cathedral

To help you decide we are delighted to welcome the Celebrant Angel as our guest blogger. I’ll hand you over to Mary:

What is included when you book me as your Celebrant?

An experienced Celebrant, committed to creating and delivering your Ceremony in a unique way making your day as memorable as I can.

Using a Celebrant for your Ceremony means, you get a Ceremony unique to you. I create stunning, unique wedding ceremonies in any location.  No 2 Ceremonies are ever the same. We follow no formula.  There are no set words that have to be included. This is all about what you want out of your day, every inch of your ceremony tailored to you as a couple.

A Celebrant is someone who loves to hear your love story, from how you met, your dates, 1st “I love yous”, to your journey together thus far.⁠ ⁠ I will ask many questions to be able to create your story properly. These details are what help me to create very individual Ceremonies for each couple.

Many couples choose to have Symbolic Actions included in their Ceremony. There are lots to choose from such as Ring Warming, Unity Candles and Sand Blending. These are the most common Actions that most couples know about.  There are also many others to choose from that I will share with you, and work with you to create the right symbolic action for your ceremony.⁠ ⁠

Symbolic Actions are also a magical way to include your family and friends to, and we will work together to create the right circumstances to achieve that.

If there is a particular cultural or family Ritual that you want to include in your ceremony that is okay to, everything is doable in a Celebrant led Ceremony

I can help with choosing music and readings and we can work together to find ways to include any family members that you want to have a part in your Ceremony such as doing a reading or poem.

I will work with the people you have chosen to do your readings to make sure they are confident on the day.⁠ ⁠

Vow writing can be daunting, let me help you with that, either coaching you to write your own, or compiling them for you.⁠ ⁠

As many revisions of your script as is necessary, from my initial taking of your notes to the final script for the day. You will receive a high quality copy of the script to keep after the event.⁠ ⁠

A rehearsal if you so desire at the venue, helps you both prepare for the big day.⁠ ⁠

Delivery of your Ceremony on your chosen date in your venue.⁠ ⁠

A Celebrant as excited as you are, who loves creating unique Ceremonies thus giving you a day to remember.⁠

Our special thanks goes to Mary, The Celebrant Angel for today’s blog and her continual support. Very much appreciated! Mary can be contacted via her Facebook page and website using the links.

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