Thanks Andy and Anna for your excellent guest blog showcasing your fantastic rare breed pigs and delicious pork. Over to you Anna!

Andy & Anna – The Principled Pig Catering

The Principled Pig is a family business, which was born in 2017 after we came back to Aberdeenshire from the Middle East.   The house that we had bought long before had a small field and we had always dreamed of rearing livestock but life had always gotten in the way!  We returned seeking a more relaxed and rural lifestyle and decided that it was finally time to dive in and try some farming!

We have always been passionate about our food and when it came to meat we would always try to stick to outdoor, free range, local and good quality.  Pork was something that we struggled to find locally, which led us into keeping our own pigs.

Slow matured rare breed pigs

The catering came a little later.  We couldn’t help but notice that there was a limited amount of good quality, hot food available at a lot of the local events.  The street food phenomenon was really just beginning to start up in Aberdeenshire and we loved the idea of being able to offer something new and different.

We live by the ‘reared by us…served by us’ ethos.  We are involved the whole way through the food production process, from looking after our weaners in the field to serving our customers the amazing rare-breed pork that we’re so proud of.

The best pork ribs ever!

We know exactly where our animals have been and, most importantly, how well they’ve been looked after.  Rearing rare-breed rather than commercial pigs means that our pigs take a great deal longer to mature.  It’s a slow process with no steroids or antibiotics and the result is delicious, epic tasting pork!

Delicious sides

At first we started with local farmers’ markets.  We soon gained a lot of wonderful, loyal customers and really loved chatting to everyone about our food and farming!  More and more people are paying attention to where their food comes from and how it is produced and we love it when customers come back to tell us how much they enjoyed our food.

The Principled Pig catering at a wedding at Birkenhill Farm

We were soon asked if we did events and weddings.  I remember how terrified I was catering our first wedding but it turned out to be an amazing experience.  We appeal to those who love their food and want something special and good quality but also want to move away from the usual formal sit-down multi-course wedding breakfast.  From a simple plate of pork and apple burgers to our sausage and mash bar, our food is simple, locally sourced and most importantly, delicious!

We are also involved with many of the local events in Aberdeenshire and have attended Portsoy Boat Festival, Mela Gala, BA Country Fair and Aboyne Highland Games.  We love attending different events and getting to meet new customers, there are never two days the same!

Many thanks to Anna for her great blog showcasing their fantastic produce, their passion and enthusiasm. We have been delighted to welcome Andy and Anna to Birkenhill Farm Wedding Venue on a number of occasions and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Thanks Anna!