Welcome back to my wedding planning blog. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Tom from White Feather Filmmaker. I’m really hoping we will be able to welcome them to our venue next year. So if you are looking for a filmmaker use the links below and check our their website and Instagram page. You won’t be disappointed.



Choosing a wedding filmmaker for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you can make for your special day. Photographers will always play a crucial part of any wedding, with their ability to capture those key, classic moments for you to cherish forever. However, wedding videos are slowly becoming a vital part of the wedding day ‘package’. With the advent of affordable new camera technologies, and a host of creative film-making talents moving towards the wedding film market, capturing the raw energy and spirit of any wedding can now be achieved on even a modest budget. No longer are brides and grooms limited to home-video-styled DVDs sound-tracked by the pop talents of the day. Instead, a new breed of timeless, naturalistic wedding films aim to capture people’s special moments in a way that will last for generations and generations to come.



White Feather Filmmaker is one of these creative wedding film companies! Founded by Tom Alner, White Feather Filmmaker has set its sights on becoming one of the best wedding film companies in Scotland, and beyond. Originally from London, Tom has settled nicely in the Highlands of Scotland, among the rugged and stunning landscape this far north can offer. From his small home office, he has been making wedding films across Scotland and beyond since 2017, with each film a new opportunity to make a wedding film like no other. Fifty-odd weddings later, Tom has combined his years of experience and creative talents to create a wedding film company that rivals (hopefully) almost any wedding film you’ll likely to see. A bold claim, perhaps.



Of course, there are key moments for any photographer or videographer to catch on a wedding day; the ceremony, the kiss, the speeches, the first dance. But for White Feather Filmmaker, it’s all about the small, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it details you wouldn’t expect to see in a wedding film. What makes great wedding work stand out is those real, honest moments in-between the bigger ones. The gentle nerves as the big moment approaches, family members seeing each other for the first time in years, flowers growing in a nearby field, a small note being handwritten in the guestbook, all of these moments together can create a special film that truly capture the ‘spirit’ of the day. It is the aim of White Feather Filmmaker to make you feel like you truly are ‘there’ with the couple, and it’s that spirit of uniqueness and honesty that drives Tom to continue to make wedding films over and over again.



What does the White Feather stand for? Well, like any good idea, Tom would be lying if he knew exactly where it came from. What he can tell you is that the feather stands for something elegant, timeless and so subtle that if you weren’t paying attention closely, you might not see it. Perhaps that’s what makes Tom a great choice for a wedding filmmaker; a cameraman who blends carefully into the background, which in turn allows those rare, special moments to unfold.