We’re so excited to unveil our new solid log feature wall in our wedding barn. The log wall is stunning and provides a breathtaking back drop for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions alike. So how did it all start?

As you know March was devastating with the terrible Covid  and lockdown. Like everyone else we were plunged into uncertainty and  forced to close over-night. We should have been preparing to welcome visitors to our wedding venue and glamping instead we were forced to put life on hold. Well looking on the bright side the sun was shining most days and the best place to be was in our own woodlands.


beautiful birch woodland in springtime

Beautiful birch woodland with the dappled light of springtime


Instant stress reduction. I can certainly recommend it! I just love being in the woods with the birds constantly serenading you.


The dogs supervising the timber processing area. What would we do without them!


We decided to clear some wind-blow damage with the intention of using it for firewood. After weeks of hard work in the woods, cutting and clearing all the brash, oh boy a mountain of brash which was my job, we needed to store it somewhere.


firewood neatly stacked in the woods

Firewood neatly stacked in the woods


We came up with a master plan. The ‘Royal’ we that is. The idea of the feature log wall was born.

Such a lot of work but I’m sure you’ll agree it is well worth all the effort of cutting it to size, moving it to the processing area, then up to the barn and finally stacking each and every 3  ft long log.

starting to build a feature log wall in wedding barn

At last the log wall is starting to take shape.


building solid log feature wall

Half way there. Keep going!


inside our rustic wedding barn with a solid log feature wall which is 3m thick and smells divine

Stunning solid log feature wall in our wedding barn new for 2020


We love it and cannot stop standing and just gazing at it. The smell is wonderful too!

But would potential customers like it? Always a major concern. Well I’m happy to say they love it too! The feedback has been phenomenal!

We had held off revealing our new log wall feature until we could welcome some of the lovely, patient couples on our waiting list. Saturday and Sunday was very busy for us with private viewings. Apologies to those coming next week, we just couldn’t wait any longer to show it to the world!

solid log feature wall with marble table

Magnificent solid log feature wall providing a unique and stunning backdrop


We hope you love it too! Leave me a comment or get in touch.

We’re already planning a new feature. The ‘Royal’ we of course!

Keep smiling!