Birkenhill Farm Firewood

Here at Birkenhill Farm we produce naturally dried and seasoned softwood firewood, guaranteed less than 20% moisture content, from our forest and sell direct to the customer in convenient net bags which are so much easier to move and store. This means zero miles of transport for processing and zero energy used in drying. Our firewood logs are ready to burn as soon as you receive them.

Free delivery within 20 miles from our farm at Fordyce, Aberdeenshire for a minimum order of 10 bags. £6.50 a bag.

We do deliver further afield however we do ask for a small  additional cost to help cover the fuel.

When looking around for a firewood supplier there is often confusion as to the quantity of wood, quality and price.

Some people refer to a cube as a builders bag full. Which isn’t actually the case.

A builders bag is equivalent to 12 of our net bags of logs.

There are 24 of our net bags in a cubic metre.

There is a minimum of 12 x 12 inches (30 cm) long logs in each of our bags.

We also supply 8 inch (20 cm) and 10 inch (25 cm) logs if you have a smaller stove or fireplace.

Our bags are £6.50 per bag.

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Mobile Milling Service

Do you have large felled trees that are too big to send to a sawmill? There is an alternative to resorting to cutting it up for firewood.

Our mobile mill can come to you and set up around the felled tree(s) in question and mill it into usable timber on the spot.

No need to waste those beautiful oaks etc. when they could be used by furniture makers. Far more profit than letting it go for firewood.

Give us a call or email with your requirements and we will get back to asap to discuss your milling requirements.

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