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Birkenhill Farm is situated on the coastal hills overlooking the Moray Firth, the panoramic views cast over the small village of Fordyce and beyond to the fishing village of Sandend. As you have your breakfast you can see the breakers coming onto the expansive smooth sandy beach which is a magnet for surfers and kayakers throughout the year.

Visitors to our farm will awaken to a ten mile view along the coast to the east whilst being nestled in to the hillside flanked by towering firs. The campfire may still have some hot embers from the night before which will give you a head start on getting the coffee started whilst you go up to the chicken coop to pick up your fresh eggs. Once replenished by breakfast there is plenty to see  with a visit to the various rare breeds’ sheep and poultry which occupy the surrounding fields.

Spring will see the lambing and there are always orphan lambs to feed. Then will come sheering before the heat of the summer becomes intolerable for the sheep followed by the washing of the fleeces ready for felting into rugs and cushions over the winter months.

After a day’s beachcombing, walking or mountain biking through the surrounding forests the fire will be restarted for supper of a hearty stew which can be provided from the farm kitchen for a gentle simmer over a log fire. An evening stroll to the top of the hill will provide magnificent sunsets across the Moray Firth as the sun dips behind the northern hills, then as the light fades a gentle stroll back to the fire for a wee dram as the Milky Way appears above you in the gradually darkening skies. Then it’s off to bed ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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