Our Eco Wool Couture Collection.

All of these products are made from the wool of our own Herdwick, Jacob and Soay sheep. We shear all of our sheep ourselves and then triple wash the wool and allow it to air dry in the sun spread on racks.
The wool is then put through a hand picker which roughly aligns the fibres and removes any heavily matted or coarse wool. Next it is all carded on a hand carder which aligns the fibres and produces batts of wool around thirty cm by twenty cm. The wool is now light and fluffy and has about tripled in volume.
The batts are then used to create unique hand felted panels which once air dried are made into high quality, beautifully tactile cushions, wall hangings and throws. Wool batts are also used on our loom for creating pure wool rugs.

All of our products are hand made on our farm using 100% wool produced on our farm. Everything is made using natural colours with no dyeing and all of our processes undertake to maintain the highest values of craftsmanship and sustainability in production.