Welcome to our new Blog series “Stress-free Planning”. Together we can explore and share ideas to make your Big Day even more incredible. Remember you don’t have to spend a fortune to have your dream wedding that will be show-stopping and truly amazing.

I thought I would start with introducing ourselves. Who we are and our journey so far!

Birkenhill Farm is a family run farm in North East Scotland with incredible views over the Moray Firth and surrounding countryside for 20 miles. My name is Linda and together with my husband Nigel we purchased Birkenhill Farm almost 6 years ago. We both originate in Nottinghamshire, England and moved to this part of the world 31 years ago and never looked back. We have three amazing children and a wonderful grandson who loves to come to the farm and help feed the sheep and chickens. He’s a natural and not even 2 years old.

We have rare breed sheep, Soay originating from St Kilda, Herdwicks and Jacobs. After watching a programme on the TV with Kate Humble, Nigel suggested we look into hosting weddings at the farm. I took a little convincing however 3 years ago we stripped out one of our barns and started work.

Shifting tonnes of hard core to level the floor

Only the first of many lorry loads!

First step was leveling the floor which used to be a silage pit. We under-estimated the amount of hard core it would take. The first lorry delivered 10 tonnes which went nowhere. Another 20 tonnes. Still not enough. It took 50 tonnes of hard core and another 8 tonnes of concrete to level the floor and many hours of very hard graft. Just the two of us! What had we started?

Floor now level. Time to paint the walls, put up hessian, make huge wooden doors, drapes for the ceiling and you guessed it hay bales. Nigel made some stunning ivy leaf and twinkly light chandeliers. Time to take the photos and announce our arrival to the wedding world.

Authentically rustic and stylish wedding barn

Beautiful and stylish. So elegant. Love it!

At the same time, we were very lucky and had the opportunity to purchase the woodland next to our farm. My dream come true! I always wanted a woodland. How can we put it to good use? We had a lovely couple come round for a viewing and they asked Nigel if they could have a Twilight Wedding. Nigel said yes of course. He googled it later and found we needed a Woodland Cathedral for ceremonies. Chainsaw in hand we set to and with the help and extra muscle provided by family, our unique, magical Woodland Cathedral was born. What an incredible space. I love it. I could sit there for hours listening to the birds. The 3m high solid log arch was a particular challenge. Hey ho we can do anything when we put our minds to it.

clearing the woodland to build our unique woodland cathedral

Lots of hard work in preparation

magnificent 3m high solid log arch with drapes and flower adorned ropes and bouquet in our woodland cathedral

Beautifully decorated for a lovely wedding. So breathtaking!

Another couple asked for an area in the woods to use for outdoor dining. No problem. Trusty chainsaw in hand and we now have an 8m long table nestled in the tress with a fire pit close-by surrounded by solid log seating.

Drinks reception area nestled in the woods

Ready to welcome the wedding guests

Showing the 8m long table nestled in the woodland

Wonderful 8m long table for serving drinks and nibbles.

The weddings we hosted last year were amazing. It was very exciting. The guests were literally bowled over. It was wonderful to see their faces light up and the feedback was brilliant. All our hard work had paid off. Happy days! Fast forward to now. Very worrying times for everyone. Lockdown has meant postponing weddings to next year. Postponing our planned open day. Postponing our private viewings. Remember it’s temporary. Life will return to normal. Hang in there!

Well that gives you a feel for who we are and what we do. We really hope you will join us in this journey of ours.

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Bye for now friends!

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